Oregon State Diversity Career Symposium (Spring 2017)

The Oregon State Diversity Career Symposium is a day long event hosted at the OSU Corvallis Campus designed to empower students from underrepresented backgrounds in furthering their career success.

Events at this symposium include: Keynote speaker session by our Visionary sponsor, breakout sessions led by various industry representatives, the OSU all majors Career Fair, and a follow-up evening networking session. Pre-event workshop sponsorship is included in some of the packages engaging industry in helping students to prepare for this event.  

Sponsorship Benefit Packages

  • Standard $1000 ($500 nonprofit/government)
    • 2 conference attendees. Includes networking continental breakfast, attending the keynote speaker address and two breakout sessions, evening networking session and Diversity & Cultural Engagement (DCE) Showcase the evening before where you can hear from our DCE leadership and students
    • Career Fair booth and attendance at Spring Expo (11-3)
    • Name recognition in conference materials
    • 1 Virtual Career Fair registration
  • Leader Sponsorship $2,000
    • Standard attendance benefits
    • 2 extra conference attendees
    • Quarter page full color advertisement in student materials
    • Logo recognition
    • Organization-provided promotional item in student tote
    • Choice of workshop or panel sponsorship or advertisement upgrade from ¼ page to ½ page
  • Champion Sponsorship $3,500
    • Leader attendance benefits
    • Premier expo booth and benefits at spring expo
    • Half page/full color advertisement in student materials
    • Workshop sponsorship
    • Choice of conference program/back, inside full cover ad or logo-branded conference tote, or pre-conference workshop sponsorship
  • Visionary Sponsorship $5,500
    • Champion attendance benefits
    • Double premier expo booth and benefits at spring expo
    • 2 additional conference attendees
    • Choice of opening general session keynote speaker or sponsor of evening networking event