Let The Career Development Center Help You Blaze Your Trail!

College is the time to develop the skills you need, and the Career Development Center is here to help! Follow these simple markers along the trail to come out knowing more about yourself, knowing more about the world of work, able to market yourself to others with the right tools and skills, and beginning to connect to that network of folks who can help you continue on your career trail after college!

 Start with getting to know yourself.

  • How can you choose a great trail for you without knowing who you are?
  • Knowing yourself will help you figure out what types of careers you could do well and love doing.

Get familiar with the world of work.

  • How can you know what you want to do without knowing what’s possible?
  • Research the working world and explore career paths that you may not have even known existed.

 Develop tools and skills.

  • How can you tell others about yourself and what you want to do without the tools and skills?
  • Create tools and practice skills to prepare you for your hike.

 Learn how to connect.

  • How can you create a network of professional connections?
  • Learn how to connect and why you need to begin making connections with others in your field soon.

The Career Trail will get you started toward a fully developed career plan, but you may need some extra help along the way. The Career Development Center is here to throw you a rope when the trail gets steep.