Computer Requirements
  • A web camera is required for this assignment.
  • If needed you can reserve a laptop at the library circulation desk. For more information click here.
  • Ensure you have strong internet service and the bandwidth to support this program.
  • Utilize the OSU Helpdesk for additional assistance.
to StandOut
  1.  Login to StandOut using your ONID username and password. Use Chrome or Firefox.
  2. The system will prompt you to create a password. You will then be logged in.
Get Ready for the Interview
  1. Click on Practice
  2. Click on Student Mock Interview
  3. Click on Begin to start interview. You may have to allow Adobe Flash. After clicking allow right click on the recorder and click settings. There you will see a check box for your computer to remember the settings so you do not have to click ‘allow’ again. You may receive a prompt to allow access to you microphone and camera.
  4. Make sure that you have a reliable, high speed internet connection before starting the interview.  Click play to Start Interview. Interviewing will begin immediately so be prepared.
  5. Remember to look into the camera so you will see yourself as the employer would see you. You may need to move your chair back from the computer screen so the camera can capture your body posture, how you’re sitting in the chair, along with your facial response. Remember to dress professionally everywhere the camera can see (and this includes having a professional appearing background).
Complete the Interview
  1. Begin the interview. The interviewer will ask you a question. The the webcam will start recording automatically. Note: You are allotted 2 minutes to answer each questionAnswer the questions during the interview as if you were applying for your ideal job.
  2. Click stop to end the recording. Click “Review” to review your interview questions, Click on each question to get the response. Notice filler words using “umm,” “like,” “I mean,” “you know.”
  3. Reset” to start the interview over. The system will calculate a comprehension score based on what you have said.