Captain Lauren Katich, Human Development and Family Sciences, Human Services Option, College of Public Health and Human Sciences, Class of 2011

For Captain Katich, the Oregon Army National Guard jumpstarted her career: “Joining the Oregon Army National Guard was a no-brainer decision! During my time at OSU, I received my commission as an officer through Oregon State’s Army ROTC program. Right away, I recognized the outstanding opportunity in front of me. Not only was I getting my college paid for, but I was joining a team of Citizen-Soldiers who had a unique mission for the state of Oregon.

“Joining the Oregon Army National Guard as a part-time job meant I was getting the best of both worlds: flexibility with my civilian career and all the benefits the military has to offer. My experience with the Guard has made me a more dynamic, well-rounded and technically proficient leader in today’s workforce. I’ve been in the Oregon Army National Guard for 6 years, and I have loved every fast-paced, challenging and rewarding moment. In fact, I loved it so much, I decided to pursue full-time employment with the Guard! I am currently the Diversity Project Officer, Recruiting and Retention Command’s Interstate Transfer Office Manager, and the Commander of HHD, 82nd Brigade Troop Command in Clackamas, OR.

“My education at Oregon State and my training during ROTC molded me into the leader I am today. My success at OSU has directly translated into my success in the Oregon Army National Guard, and because of this, I have the privilege of leading Oregon’s finest Citizen-Soldiers every day!”

The Oregon Army National Guard offers scholarships, tuition assistance, student loan repayments, 200+ job opportunities, skills training, and more.


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