Your background, story, and experiences have shaped who you are, and they are an asset to the workplace. These resources have been created to empower students with historically underrepresented identities on their paths from college to career.


International Students

Resource Guide

International students bring many strengths to the workplace; these include speaking multiple languages, navigating other cultures, flexibility and adaptability in new situations, and bringing unique perspectives to responsibilities. This resource is designed to prepare students to navigate complex immigration regulations, find information about which employers hire international students and understand cultural differences in hiring processes.

Students with Disabilities

Resource Guide

Students with physical or non-apparent disabilities may struggle to decide if they should disclose a disability in an academic or employment setting. This is a personal decision only you can make. This resource touches on communicating your strengths to employers and understanding options for managing your job search and seeking accommodations.

Students of Color

Resource Guide

Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) must navigate the inequities, opportunities, cultures, expectations and hurdles of employment pathways that often normalize and perpetuate social dominant cultures centered in whiteness. This resource offers an introduction to resources that may be helpful as you prepare to navigate the job search process and enter work spaces. 


Resource Guide

Queer and trans students have much to consider when navigating their careers. In addition to finding work you enjoy and excel in, unlike your heterosexual and cisgender peers, you must discern which workplaces and work cultures will affirm your gender and sexual identity, and how to authentically represent yourself to new employers. This resource is designed to help you in this discernment process.

Student Veterans

Resource Guide

As a veteran, you have diverse life experiences, often including traveling the world and managing tremendous responsibilities. As a result, opportunities and challenges in the career sphere are different from those of non-veteran students. This resource is designed to help you build on and talk about your past experiences and move toward your next career.

DACA and/or Undocumented Students

Resource Guide

For DACAmented and undocumented students, it can be difficult to decide when and with whom to share immigration status. Throughout the job search and hiring process, it is important that you understand your rights so you can make well-informed decisions for your career. This resource will help you navigate the unique opportunities and challenges that come with being a DACA or undocumented learner.

Connecting with Alumni

It can be helpful to connect with alumni who share similar identities, academic backgrounds and experiences. You can connect with alumni through a variety of online tools.

  • We recommend that you start by exploring the OSU Alumni Association webpage and their professional networking page, OSU Connections.
  • The OSU Alumni Assoication also has several identity-based affiliated alumni groups, such as the OSU Black Alumni and Friends Network, OSU Rainbow Connect, Vamos OSU network, OSU Klatowa Ina Alumni Network and OSU API Alumni Network. 
  • You can also search for and message alumni on LinkedIn. Look up “Oregon State University” as a school in the search bar. Select the “Alumni” tab and filter by major or keyword.