Getting Started

We are very excited to offer you many great opportunities to interact with Oregon State students

Login or sign up for Handshake to connect with our team, our students through job and internship postings, career fairs, on campus recruiting and more.

Immediate Hiring Needs

Post Jobs and Internships on Handshake 

Handshake is your online connection to OSU students and alumni. We recommend all companies post their open positions here so students begin to see your company name. Accepted position types include:

  • Part-time jobs for students while they are in school
  • Summer full- or part-time jobs
  • Internships
  • Seasonal positions
  • Full-time positions

You can manage all applications through the Handshake system, or you can direct students to an alternate application site.

Conduct On-Campus Interviews

Schedule interviews with students Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm, at the Career Development Center and at various locations on campus; five-day advance notice is appreciated. Handshake allows you to manage your entire on-campus recruiting efforts online; simply request an interview schedule and link one or multiple job postings, then select from one of the following setup options for varying service levels:

  • Room Only: You schedule the interviews, we provide the room.
  • Preselect: link the job to the schedule and the system handles the scheduling for you. When prompted, login to review and accept candidates to interview.

Would you like to alter the schedule you have open in Handshake? Contact the Employer Relations Team.

Staying after the fair for interviews?

Register for interview rooms after the fair through your Career Fair registration.

Attend a Career Fair 

Each term, the Career Development Center and other OSU departments offer Career Fairs for our current students and alumni. Find out when our upcoming fairs are taking place and register on Handshake.

Building your Brand on Campus

Building your brand on campus is a long term goal to increase interest in your organization through a multi-faceted engagement approach. The options listed below are some ways to strengthen your organization's brand and give back to the Oregon State community. Interested in talking through strategy for building your brand? Contact us directly and we'll help you get started.

Review the On Campus Recruiting Events Calendar

Plan your campus visit around large recruiting events. Look for departmental and customized recruiting events opportunities with the specific majors you are looking for. Not sure? Just ask!

Participate in Workshops, Career Panels, or Mock Interviews

Our staff annually deliver seminars on a range of employment, internship, and graduate school topics designed for both broad and specialized audiences. The Career Development Center welcomes employers to become an active part of these events to build your brand and contribute to the professional development of our students. Employers may partner with individual majors or faculty to support course content, at the discretion of the host department.
If interested in participating, contact the External Relations Team.

Reach out to students via Virtual Connections

Even if your schedule does not permit a campus visit at this time there are virtual ways to engage with our students and build your brand on campus.

  • Create a robust and dynamic Handshake account, and update it regularly with new jobs and information.
  • Search ‘Students’ in Handshake to direct message students interested in connecting with employers.
  • Review public resumes and connect directly with students on Handshake through the ‘Student’ search feature, or request a focused resume book through our office.
  • Follow Oregon State University on LinkedIn to be keep up with current events.
  • Review the career calendar for virtual career workshops and networking events. 

Connect with Student Organizations

Oregon State University is home to more than 300 student organizations on campus.

  • Ask your alumni and interns for recommendations or interest in connecting back with organizations they were involved in.
  • Contact student organization leadership directly through their contact information listed in the linked database above. Offer to speak to their group, sponsor activities, meetups, treks to visit your company, information sessions or organization meetings. Consider sponsoring their organization, as many have partner programs.

Hire International Students

What Else Can We Help You With? 

If you have any questions or would like further information, please email our team at