The career advising kit is provided as a resource to support OSU faculty and staff across campus in providing career development guidance for students. The kit includes information regarding key strategies for developing professional documents, the benefits of attending career-related campus events, how to make a great impression at an interview, and much more. Please click the link to download the latest version of the career advising kit now.

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v1.5 Changelog:Advising Kit
  • Spelling and grammar updates

v1.4 Changelog:
  • Complete overhaul!
  • New Illustrations
  • New modules
  • New cover
v1.3 Changelog:
  • Illustration adjustment
v1.2 Changelog:
  • Minor layout changes
  • Grammar fix
v1.1 Changelog:
  • Fixed spelling error
  • Adjusted headers for better readability
  • Optimized PDF for digital use/distribution
v1.0 Release: