Focus 2 is a free tool for OSU students to learn more about themselves and to explore career options. It includes career planning and career readiness assessments, as well as four self-assessments focused on personality, values and interests.

Assessments Overview

This assessment asks students to consider how many actions they have taken in three career preparation areas:

  • Activities that help them be more aware of their personal career preferences (self-assessment)
  • Activities that help them identify possible career options (career exploration) 
  • Activities that help them make career-related decisions (career-planning satisfactions)

This module is designed to assess how much NACE career-readiness competencies students have developed. For each competency, Focus 2 also offers suggestions on what actions students can take in order to strengthen that particular competency.

This part of Focus 2 focuses on students' personalities, interests and values to help guide their career exploration.

  • Personality assessment: This is a simplified version of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality inventory. 
  • Work-interest assessment: This is a simplified version of the Strong Interest Inventory assessment offered by the Myers-Briggs Company. 
  • Value assessment: This is a starting point for students to think about what values are important to them and crucial for their future work environments.
  • Leisure assessment: This module asks students to focus on their time outside of the classroom. The assessment may show that their leisure interests are inconsistent with their work interests, especially when students picked their major due to the influence of others, such as parents or teachers. 


Based on the assessment results, students can use Focus 2’s database to explore possible career options. The database pulls information from O*NET and the Occupational Outlook Handbook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Finally, the Take Action section in Focus 2 allows students to start putting down their goals and plans to take action.  

Faculty and Staff Access

For OSU faculty and staff to test out Focus 2 and view what students’ experience, you can go to or find the Focus 2 logo at and use ONID ID and password to log in.

To request an administrative account that allows faculty and staff to use Focus 2 for assignments and monitor whether students finish the assignments, contact Executive Director of the Career Development Center Brandi Fuhrman. This feature takes a few days to set up.