Students are often compelled to take action after a conversation with a trusted professor, advisor or faculty member. By partnering with the Career Development Center and emphasizing the importance of engaging in professional development early in their academic careers, you can make an enormous impact.

Help Students Connect

One of the best ways for students to get a job after graduation is to invest in relationship building. Faculty can help students connect with alumni and industry professionals for informational interviews and to broaden their professional network. The Career Development Center offers events that facilitate networking with industry leaders and programs that educate students about career development skills. 

Encourage Students to Get Experience

Student gain invaluable experience, learn about the world of work and make connections within it through internships or volunteering. The more people that are influential in students’ lives, encouraging them to seek out these experiences, the better. 

Provide Guidance to Employers

If you hear from an employer about ways to engage with Oregon State, please refer them to the Career Development Center's external relations team. Our team will make sure the employer receives support and learns about the broad opportunities available to them at OSU. Also encourage employers to post any open positions at their company that they would like to promote with students to Handshake.  

Refer Students to the Career Development Center

Faculty can be an advocate for the free services that the Career Development Center provides OSU students. Encourage students to use these resources as early as possible in their academic careers; there is nothing worse than meeting with a graduating senior who has not started on their journey of career development. Connect with the CDC staff affiliated with your college to discuss ways to engage.

Support the Career Development Center’s Events

The Career Development Center puts on several career fairs and numerous career-related events and workshops throughout the academic year. You can support the Career Development Center by announcing and promoting these events in your classes. 

Incorporate Career Development into Your Classroom

There are many ways that you can incorporate professional development opportunities into your coursework. Explore some of the possibilities and connect with the Career Development Center for additional information.