The first stop on your journey to a career should be an examination or self-assessment of your interests.

  • What types of things excite you?
  • What types of jobs or careers appeal to you?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What do you value in a workplace setting?

What is SIGI3

SIGI3 — short for System of Interactive Guidance and Information — is a special tool that can help you to plan your career and learn more about yourself. Among the features offered on SIGI3 you will find tools to help you research occupations, choose, change, or clarify a major, and evaluate your interests, skills, values and personality. You can access the system through Handshake in the resources section. 

What can a computer know about me?

A computer is only a machine. It knows what you tell it; nothing more. That’s why it’s so important for you to think hard and respond honestly to the questions in SIGI3. Even if you are asked a question you’ve never really considered or that you find hard to answer, make the best choice you can. In this way, the career possibilities SIGI3 presents will be as germane as possible.

How do I use SIGI3?

Think of SIGI3 as a bag of tools. Each is useful for something - finding information you want, narrowing the list of majors and occupations appropriate to your desires, or help with ancillary things such as coping with the stresses of college life and resume writing. Each question you have about careers and work can be answered with some collection of these tools.

  • To start using SIGI3, students login to their Handshake profile and select SIGI3 in the resource library. They will be prompted to create a user name if this is your first time to log into the system, as well as complete a short profile. Once you get to the Main Menu of SIGI3, with the words “What will you do with Sigi today?” at the top, you have the ability to choose between several options.
  • Try starting with “Use an assessment tool”. The more assessments you take, the more information the software will gather about you and the occupations that might fit your values, skills, interests, and personality.
  • Once you’ve taken the assessments, you will see a list of suggested occupations. You also have the ability to search based on assessments you’ve already taken. This list will change if you retake your assessments and adjust your answers, but your suggested occupations will always be available to return to in order to research specific careers.

SIGI3 is a good resource for career development, but it can be helpful to discuss your results with a career consultant, your academic advisor, or a professor to get more information about your options. SIGI3 will not tell you what you should do, but what you could look into further. Career planning requires active engagement and exploration, and SIGI3 provides a starting place for that activity.