Christian Peterson works for Enterprise Rent-A-Car and is a Branch Rental Manager out of Vancouver, Washington. As an OSU College of Liberal Arts grad, he had a thing or two to say about how OSU helped him along the way!


In what ways did your OSU education support or advance your career?  

The resources available at OSU helped me develop the skills to problem solve by utilizing the available resources in order to make sound business decisions. I developed skills while attending OSU to look for the resources to formulate an answer or solution, as I know the answers are not always obvious.


Did you participate in any extra-curricular activities on campus?

I did not participate in any extracurricular activities (but I wish I had!). From my experiences I’ve gained, I’d recommend taking a sales class to gain experience. Something that I learned after working with Enterprise was that everything involves SELLING. Selling a product, and idea, a culture (that you want to develop), and essentially selling someone on what you want them to do.


Do you have any advice for current students on steps they should take in their career path?

Don’t be afraid to reach out to mentors or other people (peers and superiors) for guidance and support. Go out and push your professional development and don’t rely on someone else to give you all of the answers about your career path. One thing that I learned quickly was that I make the biggest impact on my career and any future opportunities; no one else has as much of an impact on my life than my own actions. Another piece of advice is to network every opportunity you get. It’s important to create a mutual benefiting relationship in the process.


Do you have advice for how to be a great candidate when applying at Enterprise?

Whenever hiring, I look for the next person who will eventually take my position when I get promoted. The successful candidates are those who are career-driven, works well in a fast-paced environments, customer service-oriented, and who is willing to take on more responsibility for an opportunity to move up and increase their pay.


What are the top skills you are looking for in new hires?

Customer service-oriented, competitive, career driven, team-player, and willingness to take action on feedback.


What are some aspects of the culture at Enterprise that you appreciate?

Being in a competitive environment has helped me push further and actually compete with the leaders in the company. Because we are stack ranked in every category of KPIs (key performance indicators), it’s extremely satisfying when you see the progress you’ve made. At Enterprise, we are rewarded for our hard work and the improvements we make regarding service, sales, and getting our people promoted. The culture is set up in a way that promotes personal career growth. Whenever I have made a positive impact on someone’s career and they get promoted, I find that to be the biggest reward.


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