Why volunteer and serve in your community?

Volunteering and community engagement is an ideal way to create positive change, act upon your values, enhance your skill set, explore different career paths, and build relationships with professionals in a field of interest. It also provides an opportunity to explore your own values, beliefs, and understanding of complex social issues.

In today’s market, success in the classroom is typically not enough for adequate job preparation. Experiential learning and hands-on experience like volunteer service is an excellent way to enhance your career readiness and build your resume! Volunteering is an ideal way to explore various careers paths and fields; are you unsure about which field of study or major to pursue? Try different volunteer positions in those fields to try them out!

Volunteering demonstrates that you value contributing to something larger than yourself, have strong time management skills, that you’re a team player, and that you are proactive in expanding your skill set.  Being engaged in your community shows that you are invested in creating the community and world in which you want to live, and the network you build through service work can serve as important references when applying for future professional positions.  

Convinced? Now get out and serve!!

Check out the Center for Civic Engagement for additional information on benefits of community engagement.