The Career Development Center invites you to participate in the Job Shadow program, where students have the opportunity to explore career paths by shadowing with an alumnus in their place of work.


  • April 3, 2019: Job shadow application period opens
  • April 30, 2019: Job shadow application deadline; applications due by 11:59 pm
  • May 1 – May 7, 2019: Review and matching period
  • May 9 – 10, 2019: Students are notified of match
  • May 17, 2019: Orientation will be held the week of May 17
  • May 11 – 31, 2019: Period for students to contact sponsors to arrange shadow date(s); deadline is May 31
  • June 17 – 21, 2019: Job shadows take place (arranged by student and Alumni Host)

Job Shadow Alumni Host Site Locations

About the program:

  • Why should I participate in a Job Shadow?
    A Job Shadow is a way to gain valuable information about a prospective career. Through observation of an individual employee’s activities during their workday, students can gain exposure to career paths, strengthen their job application for internships and employment opportunities, and build professional skills pertinent to the workforce.
  • When do the job shadows take place? How long are they?
    Job shadows will take place the week of June 17 – 21, 2019. They will range from a full day to a half day, depending on the sponsor.
  • What do students do during a job shadow?
    This will depend on the sponsor, but activities can include an observation of daily work; informational interviews; meetings within the organization; coffee/lunch with alumnus at the office or worksite; a tour of the organization; hands-on experience; and/or meet-and-greets with current interns and/or college hires. Students will have the opportunity to communicate with their sponsor about what they want out of the job shadow in order to make it as beneficial as possible for both parties.
  • Where will job shadows take place?
    Job shadow opportunities are primarily available in the Willamette Valley (Portland, Salem, Corvallis, Eugene), with some opportunities located in Washington (Seattle and Vancouver) and Northern California.
  • Will I be paid for this experience?
    No. Job shadows are unpaid experiences.
  • Who pays for transportation and housing?
    The student is responsible for all expenses.
  • Who are the sponsors?
    Sponsors are OSU alumni who have graciously donated their time and expertise in order to support the Beaver community.

Applying to the program:

  • Where do I find a list of employers offering job shadows, and how do I apply?
    The 2019 Job Shadow Program is open to UESP students and they will receive a link to apply from their program.
  • What happens after I apply?
    After you’ve applied and the application period closes on April 26, 2019, Career Development Center staff will review all applications and match each student with a sponsor. Students will be notified May 9 – 10, 2019.
  • Do you have advice for a great job shadow experience?
    Come to the Career Development Center during drop-in hours to have your materials reviewed.
    Read through all the listings before you apply; you might see something you hadn’t noticed.
    Keep an open mind. This is a learning experience!
    Ask questions; prepare several ahead of time, and ask any questions that come up in the course of your job shadow.
    Ask for contact information so that you can follow up with your sponsor when you complete your job shadow.

Questions? Contact us at or 541-737-4085