In the modern, increasingly busy job market, it is becoming difficult to make candidate-employer connections. As a candidate, there is so much competition that it becomes difficult to stand out. On the other hand, as an employer, the overwhelming number of candidates means it’s impossible to spend an appropriate amount of time with each one. This complex scenario is one that Union Pacific Railroads has encountered many times in the past few years. 

Union Pacific searches for candidates in a pool of engineering, business and supply chain management students to hire for a management position called an OMT. This position involves leading a small team of workers to manage either a stretch of rail, the construction and upkeep of the trains themselves, or the logistics associated with sending freight throughout the country. Union Pacific is a company employing 4,200 people in 23 states across the US; they control over 32,100 miles of rails and serve 10,000 customers. Needless to say, this organization is massive. How can a company this large ensure they speak to each highly-qualified individual out of a pool of so many applicants? UP believes technology can solve the problem.

Introducing the pre-recorded interview. The candidates can record their answers to interview questions on their own time and submit their answers back to the company for review, allowing the company to review interviews in a concise manner. Granted, online interviews are more rigid than a standard interview; the pre-scripted questions don’t allow for a natural conversation to form between the interviewer and candidate, which can allow the occasional diamond-in-the-rough candidate to slip through the cracks.

There is a tradeoff between efficiency and personalization when considering online interviews and traditional interviews. However, progressive companies looking to onboard the best people, such as Union Pacific, believe online interviews to be beneficial for both the candidates and the employers, and are the way of the future. So, are you interested in working for this progressive, innovative, efficient company? Here’s how you do it:

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