Dressing for the Interview

In an interview, the way you dress influences the interviewer’s first impression of you.  Dressing professionally demonstrates respect, and also shows the employer that you take the interview seriously.  It can also boost your own self-confidence during the interview.


Informational Interviews

For a twist on interviewing, try an informational interview. One of the best sources for gathering information about what's happening in an occupation or an industry is to talk to people working in the field. This process is called informational or research interviewing. An informational interview is an interview that you initiate - you ask the questions. The purpose is to obtain information, not to get a job.

While negotiating a salary and/or benefits is not always possible, many employers expect you to negotiate.  It's important to know the trends in your field so you can present a common salary range and benefits to your employer.  It's also important to know where you fit on the range - are you considered "entry level" or do you have slightly more experience than most applicants for this position? Location can also play a big role, as some areas are more expensive than others.

For information and resources, explore the links below:

Virtual Mock Interviews  (StandOut)

StandOut is an interactive online video-based practice interviewing tool which uses a webcam to record your practice interview. This tool provides feedback and tips of non-verbal behavior and communication missteps. If you don't have a webcam, you can call 541.737.4085 to schedule a time to practice your interviewing skills in the Career Development Center. Have a webcam? You can even conduct an interview right now!  

Access Standout

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews with a career advisor are designed to replicate the type of interview that you may expect from a recruiter. Schedule a mock interview now by calling the Career Development Center at 541-737-4085.

The day of your mock interview:

  • Please arrive at the Career Development Center early and dress for a formal interview. Bring a copy of your resume and a company/job description or graduate program description for the interviewer.
  • If you are unable to keep your appointment, please cancel the appointment through Handshake or call the Career Development Center at 541.737.4085 to cancel or reschedule.