"Networking" is just another way to talk about making meaningful professional connections; this means making contacts, creating alliances, building support groups and befriending other people with similar professional interests. Did you know that many jobs are found through networking? Making connections and building your professional network seems daunting, but it doesn't have to be! Keep reading to find out more about networking and how to do it well. 

Informational Interviews

One of the best sources for gathering information about what's happening in an occupation or an industry is to talk to people working in the field. This process is called informational or research interviewing. An informational interview is an interview that you initiate - you ask the questions. The purpose is to obtain information and build your network! Click here for some more information on Informations Interviews.

Career Fairs

Career Fairs and other Career Expo events are excellent opportunities to meet many employers in one location and to find out about who is hiring. It is also a great way to network! Click here for information on how to connect at the next Career Expo. 

Networking Etiquette

Once you find yourself in a networking situation, make sure you're practicing good networking etiquette. Check out a resource here

Professional Associations

If you haven't done so already, get involved with professional organizations! You'll learn more about your field and make valuable connections with industry leaders. Want learn more about what professional organizations would be a good fit for you? Find your industry in "What Can I Do with a Major In..." This resource lists tons of valuable resources, including job growth information, education needed, and of course, relevant professional associations.