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10 Tips to Building a Perfect Resume

Writing a stellar resume can be challenging. These 10 tips can help you make it one more step to perfect!
Presenter: Nancy Hawkins, Trimble Navigation Limited

Creating a Stand-Out Resume

Discover how you can create a resume that helps you market your message and stand out in a pool of applicants.
Presenter: Doug Rice - Enterprise


Interview: How to Answer Difficult Questions

Want to feel more prepared? Increase your confidence and effectiveness by learning how to answer difficult interview questions!
Presenter: Nancy Hawkins, Trimble Navigation Limited

How to Ace Your Interview

Learn the tricks of the trade.
Presenter: Adry Clark - Career Services

WEBINAR - Active Interviewing - Alumni Career Webinar Series

Research has shown it takes 16 Interviews to get an offer, and the offer might not be for the job you really want! So when you get the interview - congratulations!  But now the real work starts. You need to invest a good deal of time in planning for your interview which will be explained in this webinar.
Presenter: Eric Kramer


Personal Branding

Do you know your personal brand? Do you know how it's impacting your current networks and your future career opportunities? Branding happens your entire life. You can either set it intentionally, in line with your aspirations, or be accepting of what may happen to come your way. This seminar will help you understand the elements of brand, give you the skills to identify and improve your professional reputation, and equip you with the skills to achieve your personal and career goals.
Presenters: Kathrine Giacchino, Rubicon International & Pinky Gonzales, Upriver Solutions

WEBINAR - LinkedIn Makeover - Alumni Career Webinar Series

In this webinar get tips, best practices and ideas on how you can create a standout profile, that will be noticed.   Find out what keywords to use that will help you show up more frequently in searches by recruiters, hiring managers, and people who want to do deals!
Presenter: Donna Serdula

WEBINAR - Networking Professionally with Facebook - Alumni Career Webinar Series

A recent recruiting roundtable report found that nearly 80% of organizations use a social networking site for recruiting purposes, with LinkedIn and Facebook leading the pack. In this webinar learn how to exploit the power of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, and many others; how to build your online image, be identified by industry leaders, develop meaningful relationships with others in your industry; and position yourself as a knowledge expert in your field.
Presenter: Natascha Saunders

Job & Internship Search

Weighing Job Offers and Negotiating Pay

Discover tips on how to negotiate the best job offer!

Presenter: Doug Rice, Talent Acquisition Manger

How to Search & Secure an Internship in 4 Steps

Students must do internships in order to be employable after college these days. Learn how to develop strategies and techniques to enhance your internship search.
Presenter: Andy Frey, Target & Marian Moore, Career Services

Job Search Strategies in a Challenging Economy

Looking for a job can feel daunting and oftentimes difficult to even begin.  This video addresses the best practices and results-oriented strategies for an effective job search.
Presenter: Marian Moore - Career Services

Using Social Media to Get a Job

Ever wonder how you can be using your social networking sites more effectively in the job search?  We have answers!
Presenter: Lea McLeod- Degrees of Transition LLC

WEBINAR - Find the Right Job Now! - Alumni Career Webinar Series

Learn how you can step back for a moment to evaluate what you want to do, and translate that knowledge and understanding into a search for a job that will match your skills, goals and aspirations.
Presenter: Alan Kearns

WEBINAR - Organzing Your Job Search - Alumni Career Webinar Series

Learn how you need to manage yourself, and your job search process so that you are successful in your job search process.
Presenter: Tony Beshara

WEBINAR - 7 Mistakes Job Seekers Make Online - Alumni Career Webinar Series

These 7 tips will help you network more professionally, develop a strong personal brand, and online "thought leadership".
Presenter: Joshua Waldman

Federal and State Job Process

How to Apply for State and Federal Jobs

Learn what it takes to get noticed when applying for government jobs.
Presenter: Scott Kincaid - Bureau of Land Management

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