Welcome to the Career Development Center 

Whether you're a student looking to find your career or educational path, or an employer or alumnus looking to connect with students, we're here to help.

We provide the resources for our students to transform into career-ready graduates. Our office helps students identify potential careers; develop transferable skills through student engagement, internship and professional development opportunities; and learn how to craft résumés and cover letters that showcase their strengths. And we offer opportunities for alumni, employers and students to connect through networking events and career expos.

Connect with our staff to learn more. 


Provide leadership, resources and support that complement each student’s diverse academic experience to empower the exploration and pursuit of their future.


Students are met where they are to gain clarity, confidence and excitement about their unique and diverse future goals.



We are student centered: Student success is central to our decision-making process.

We are a team: We pursue healthy and productive working relationships through open communication, mutual respect and celebration.

We value relationships: We believe that building and maintaining strong relationships is critical for student success.

We listen: We practice respectful dialogue, seek input from different perspectives and find common ground.

We focus: We align our energy, strengths and resources to achieve our goals.

We are adaptable: We are resourceful, curious and see opportunity in order to adjust to new and changing circumstances.