The Career Development Center offers a number of online tools to help students in their career exploration and professional development. Several of these tools could be incorporated into the classroom, too. Creating classroom experiences that focus on career development can help students feel more prepared to enter the workforce. Read below for ways that you can encourage students to utilize these online tools. 


Students can use Handshake to explore thousands of jobs and employers; find details on OSU career expos and workshops; and connect with their college career advisors. 

Student access to Handshake


VMock provides instant and personalized feedback on résumés or CVs. Consider an extra credit assignment asking students to draft a résumé and submitting it to VMock for review. 

Read the VMock user guide

Focus 2

Focus 2 helps students learn about themselves and explore career options through career self-assessments, including modules on career planning and career readiness. 

Learn about Focus 2


StandOut is an interactive video platform that students can use to practice their interviewing skills. Create a practice interview in StandOut as an assignment for one of your classes. Review our faculty guide on creating practice interviews, assigning to students, and providing feedback on student interviews, and our student guide to help your students get started in StandOut.

Create a practice interview


With GoinGlobal, students can explore international internships and career opportunities. This resource also provides cultural information on over 30 countries.

Student access to GoinGlobal 


Aurora by Beyond the Professoriate empowers graduate students to learn successful job search strategies, whether seeking faculty or professional careers, and make informed decisions.

Learn about Aurora's resources