Welcome to recruiting at Oregon State University. As you endeavor to fill positions with quality talent and increase visibility on campus for your organization, we want to be your first stop for questions, connections or concerns.

Select Your Goal for Engaging With Campus

  • Welcome! We are glad you are here. Every student comes to Oregon State with potential, and our job is to reveal it, grow it and then release it. Take a minute to learn more about our students and academic programs.
  • Handshake is your next step. It is the OSU Career Development Center's online career management system and is your online connection to Oregon State students and alumni. List part-time jobs for students while they are in school, on-campus jobs, summer full or part-time jobs, internships and full-time positions. Log in or register for Handshake.
  • Looking for additional Handshake support? Check out the Handshake Help Center.

Ready to hire someone from the Oregon State community?

  • Step one is to post your open positions on Handshake. It is the OSU Career Development Center's online career management system and is your online connection to OSU students and alumni. You can list part-time jobs, on-campus jobs, summer jobs, internships, and full time positions. Login or register for Handshake.

    • Tip: For immediate hiring we recommend searching for students with the backgrounds you are seeking directly on Handshake. You can find and download résumés from students who have chosen to make their Handshake profiles visible to employers. You can also send personal messages to these students through the platform to encourage them to apply for your position. Learn how to download résumés.

  • Interested in hiring international students? Learn how with our easy guide to hiring international graduates.

  • Next step is to contact clubs and organizations. Search OSU's list of student clubs and organizations and reach out to the leaders of student clubs or student chapters of industry organizations that align with your field. They may be interested in advertising the positions you've posted on Handshake to their members. 

  • If you have additional questions about on-campus positions, please contact employment@oregonstate.edu. Contact the financial aid office for federal work study positions.

  • To post volunteer opportunities within a 45 minute radius, connect with the OSU Community Engagement and Leadership Center and submit a service or engagement opportunity.

  • If you are looking to hire an Oregon State student in the future, get the process started by connecting with students at our Career Expos, fairs, events and other engagement opportunities on campus. 
  • Ready to hire an intern? Review our guidelines to build or expand your internship program.
  • You can schedule interviews with students Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 pm. at the Career Development Center and various locations on campus. Five-day advance notice is appreciated. Handshake allows you to manage your entire on-campus recruiting efforts online; simply request an interview schedule and link one or multiple job postings. You can manage all applications through the Handshake system or you can direct students to an alternate application site. 
  • Share your expertise and build interest in your company by speaking on an employer panel, engaging in an informational interview or hosting a job shadow. 
  • Building your brand on campus is a long term goal to increase interest in your organization through engagement with your organization. The options listed below are some ways to strengthen your organization's brand and give back to the Oregon State University community. Interested in talking through strategy for building your brand? Contact us directly and we'll help you get started.

    • OSU is home to more than 300 student organizations on campus. Ask your alumni and interns for recommendations or interest in connecting back with organizations they were involved in. Contact student organization leaders directly via the contact information listed in the student organization database. Offer to speak to their groups, or sponsor treks to visit your company, information sessions or organization meetings. Consider sponsoring their organization, as many have partner programs.

    • Review our comprehensive list of Career Expos, fairs, events and other engagement opportunities. These are great opportunities to connect with students and to build your presence at Oregon State.

    • Share your expertise and grow awareness of your company by speaking on an employer panel, engaging in an informational interview or hosting a job shadow. 

Questions? Contact us at employer.relations@oregonstate.edu.