Job shadowing can serve as an important aspect of the career decision-making process for students. Of course classroom and on-campus experiences are integral to a student's learning, but shadowing gives students the opportunity to visualize what their career might look like in a more realistic setting. The Career Development Center facilitates the job shadowing process by matching students and hosting companies through the Job Shadow Program. Please consider applying to be a host to connect with Oregon State University students and create an impactful experience.

*Due to COVID-19, all job shadows will be conducted virtually through informational interviews. 

Student Information

What is a Job Shadow?

The Job Shadow Program is your opportunity to enhance your recruitment strategy by hosting and connect with an Oregon State student in your workplace. In a day (or half-day), you will engage with current students on their journey to finding their own career path.

Interested in Becoming a Job Shadow Host?

If you're interested in becoming a host, you can apply online. Please make sure to check our timeline for job shadows to ensure you meet the deadline for applications. If you're unsure how to create a great job shadow experience, check out our sample schedules for ideas. If you still have questions, contact us at or 541-737-4085.

*Due to COVID-19, all job shadows will be conducted virtually through informational interviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Job Shadow Program

Advice will vary by student and host, but generally a great job shadow experience is one that is educational and realistic. Students seek job shadows in order to gain a real-world perspective about a career they’ve had minimal exposure to. In order to help them make an informed career decision, the job shadow should be a realistic representation for what a typical day in the field is like. And, in addition to benefiting the student, the experience should also benefit the host.

Ideas to create a great experience for the student and host:

  • Send or show the student an itinerary of their day in advance.
  • Schedule brief conversations with peers in different departments.
  • Allow the student time to talk to HR about hiring trends and future opportunities.
  • Share your own career exploration process.
  • Offer advice for how the student can best utilize their remaining time as an Oregon State student.

Make sure to check out our sample schedules for more ideas.

Depending on the host, activities can include an observation of daily work, informational interviews, meetings within the organization, coffee/lunch with Oregon State alumni at the office or worksite, a tour of the organization, hands-on experience or meet and greets with current interns and/or college hires. Hosts will have the opportunity to collaborate with the student and create a schedule that is most beneficial for both parties.

There is no cost to employers or students to participate in this program. However, students are expected to cover all of their personal expenses. Any assistance (i.e. travel, lunch, etc.) that a hosting company can provide the student is most appreciated.

All student applications will be reviewed and matched by the Career Development Center. Hosts will be notified of their match in May. Please view the timeline for updated dates regarding the Job Shadow Program.

​​​​​​Job shadows will take place from June 16–July 17, 2020. They will range from a half day to a full day depending on the host.

Job shadow opportunities are primarily available in the Willamette Valley (Portland, Salem, Corvallis and Eugene), with some in Seattle, Vancouver (Washington) and Northern California.

Being a host is a great way to give back to the Beaver community while providing students with the opportunity to gain realistic perspectives of potential careers. Hosts can give insight about careers that students likely will not learn in the classroom.

No, job shadows are unpaid experiences.

Important Dates and Deadlines

January 13, 2020

Host recruitment opens

February 28, 2020

Host submission period closes

March 9, 2020

Student application period opens

May 1, 2020

Student application period closes

May 6–8, 2020

Students and hosts are notified of their placements

May 18, 2020

Orientation meeting with students

May 26–June 5, 2020

Students reach out to hosts and finalize details

June 16–July 17, 2020

Job shadows take place (arranged by student and host with assistance from the Career Development Center)

This program is in partnership with the Oregon State University Alumni Association and allows alumni and other career partners the opportunity to engage with current students on their journey to finding their own professional paths.