When you take on an internship or a research experience, you don’t just learn about that industry, you learn about yourself. This is where "aha!" moments happen: where you discover what you do and don’t like, meet people in your field and begin to shape the skills you need.

On-Campus Student Jobs and Internships

On-campus employment is flexible and convenient for students’ busy schedules, usually doesn’t require transportation and is a great way to get experience. There are many types of on-campus employment, including internships, office jobs, customer service, lab and research positions, and assistantships. Positions are available both during the school year and between terms.

How to Find On-Campus Jobs and Internships:

1. OSU jobs search

Go to jobs.oregonstate.edu, select "Student," then search under Position Type: Student. You can also search by department, job location or keyword. 

2. Direct outreach

Many students also make arrangements directly with faculty to volunteer in labs or assist with research. If there is a professor whose work interests you, reach out to them to inquire about possible paid or unpaid opportunities coming up. See here for a list of research opportunities by department.

What is Work Study?

Federal Work-Study provides part-time jobs for students with financial need, based on their FAFSA application.

  • If awarded, work-study funds show up as part of your financial aid award.
  • Go to Beaver Hub to review your offer and accept the funding.
Work Study vs. Open to All Qualified Students:

On the jobs.oregonstate.edu page you can filter by "open to qualified work-study" or by "open to ALL qualified students."

  • If you are work-study eligible, it may be a good idea to narrow your search to work-study positions as fewer applicants are eligible for these.
  • If you don't have work-study, stick to "open to all."

How Many Hours Can I Work?

You may work up to 20 hours a week combined for all student employment, including regular and work-study jobs and assistantships (up to 40 hours per week between terms IF you are enrolled at least half time for the previous term and the next term). 

International Students:

If you are an international student and want to work on or off-campus, contact the Office of International Services to ask about working permits and your eligibility. Once you have a job offer and authorization documents, you can apply for a social security number if you don't have one. Generally, international students do not qualify for Federal Work-Study. 

Additional information

Learn more about Oregon State’s policies and resources for student employment.



An internship is an opportunity to gain exposure to and experience in a career field of interest. Depending on the position, internships may be paid or unpaid, full-time or part-time and may gain you academic credit. Many programs at Oregon State require you to complete an internship or research experience in order to graduate. During an internship, students can:

  • Explore a career field of interest
  • Gain experience and hone skills applicable in the workplace
  • Develop a network of professional contacts


what makes a quality internship?

While different employers have different goals for their internships, the Career Development Center and the National Association of Colleges and Employers define a quality experience as including:

  • A learning experience, not just meeting the needs of the employer
  • Skills and knowledge gained that can be applied to other settings
  • Clearly defined job duties and time frame
  • Clearly defined learning outcomes, related to the student’s professional and academic goals
  • Routine supervision by a professional with the knowledge and experience to do so
  • Resources and facilities to support learning

Internship Guide: Legal Considerations & Employer Responsibilities

Internship Opportunities for Students of Color


how do i get academic credit for an internship?

The Career Development Center does not have insight into academic credit or which internship experiences are going to qualify for your program of study. For this information, please contact your academic advisor or the internship coordinator for your program.


OSU is a globally ranked research institution and land grant university whose faculty and students are working as a team to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. Do you want to make an impact on these problems? Get hands-on experience and expand your learning outside the classroom with research:


common external research opportunities

Student Spotlight: Connecting Passion with Career Opportunities

"Working at Student Health Services has been a great experience that is preparing me for a successful future in graphic design. I’ve had the opportunity to both take photos and design, which has been a good learning experience. I’ve also learned a lot about working in a professional setting with others and understanding what it’s like to work as an in-house graphic designer."

— Jamie Ortbal, Class of 2020

Major: Graphic Design
Minor: Photography

Career Tip: On-Campus Employment Offers Unique Benefits

On-campus employment can give you opportunities that relate directly to your major and desired career, while also allowing you to create a schedule that works with your classes and involvement activities. Many Oregon State employers who work with students are committed to helping you prepare for a successful career. Students like Jamie are employed all over campus in jobs which are preparing them for their career, even if they might not seem related.