What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a formal way to announce that you are applying to a position. It should be targeted to both the employers and the specific job. It should promote your abilities and make the employer want to learn more by inviting you for an interview. You can highlight things in your cover letter that are on your resume, but do not go over your entire resume in the cover letter. Cover letters should be error-free, organized and visually pleasing. They should be clear and concise and adequately articulate your skills.

What Should I Include in a Cover Letter?

  • Contact information
    • Your address and phone number
  • Date
  • Employers' contact information
  • Salutation
    • Try to address it to a specific person
  • Introductory paragraph
    • State what position you are applying for. Indicate how you learned of the position and why you are interested in working for the company/organization.
  • Body of letter
    • One or more paragraphs connecting your skills to employer needs. Highlight your skills and how you will fill the position in the company - explain why they should they hire you. Give examples of scenarios where you have already succeeded at similar tasks or projects as the position would require.
  • Conclusion
    • Be polite and enthusiastic. Express the fact that you are qualified for the position. Explain how you can be contacted and invite the reader to contact you. Reiterate your interest and express your desire to meet for an interview.
  • Closing
    • Do not forget your signature!