Getting a call back for your dream opportunity is more than just chance. It’s about standing out. In this competitive job market, your résumé or CV might be up against hundreds of others. But you’re unique, and you have a lot to offer. Let’s make that first impression count.


The purpose of a résumé is to market your skills and experience to ultimately secure an interview. In this competitive job market, employers may receive hundreds of résumés and so only spend a few seconds with each. How can you capture their attention? Put your most relevant skills, experiences, projects, volunteering, etc. in the top half of the résumé. And don’t try to cram in everything you’ve ever done, focus it on this job and what this specific employer is looking for. Learn more about making a great résumé below.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

You may also need to create a curriculum vitae (CV), especially if you are applying for academic, education, scientific or research positions.  A CV, which includes more detailed information on your education and career, is also commonly used when applying for scholarships, fellowships and grants.

Repository of Sample CVs

Cover Letters

The purpose of the cover letter is to introduce yourself to the employer in a way that makes a positive first impression. A cover letter should make it clear to the employer why you are interested in the position and what value you can bring to the organization. Review these resources for details on what to include in a cover letter.

Get Started on Your Résumé

Use these guidelines and resources to create a winning résumé that will help you get the job, internship, service opportunity, etc. you really want. Whether this is your first résumé or your fiftieth, there is always something you can do to make your résumé more effective.

Repository of Sample Résumés

Virtual Résumé Reviews

VMock, a 24-7 online résumé review tool available to Oregon State students and alumni up to one year after they graduate, uses machine learning and natural language processing to provide you with instant personalized feedback on your résumé or CV.

VMock is designed to work with résumés from many different fields. Once you receive the detailed feedback, make relevant changes to your résumé and re-upload it to improve your score. (Tip – Getting a 100% score on Vmock is not the goal. Focus on improvement toward the green zone.)

Check out the VMock video and VMock User Guide to learn more and then begin the review process for your own résumé. (Note that a virtual résumé review may be all you need or just a starting point. You might want to work with the Career Center for an in-person conversation or have someone from your field review your materials.)

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