Being prepared helps you perform better and carry confidence in your interactions with potential employers. Read about crafting impactful cover letters and résumés, preparing for career fairs, networking effectively and interviewing.

Résumés and Cover Letters

Résumés and cover letters are important tools to introduce you to an employer, highlight your value and show why you would be a good fit for a company or organization. Learn how to craft effective content with these tips and resources.

Career Fair Preparation

The OSU Career Expos hosted by the Career Development Center are an easy and convenient way for you to network with potential employers, and as an alum, you are always welcome! Log in to Handshake and go to the “Events” tab to search for OSU job and career fairs, or check out the career events on our website. If you don't have a Handshake account, request one to view upcoming Career Fairs.

Make the most of a career fair by being prepared:


When getting ready for your interview, consider big-picture responses, responses that demonstrate specific qualifications for the job and those that showcase your accomplishments and how you've overcome obstacles.

First impressions matter, and you'll make a bigger impact if you dress in slightly more formal attire at your interview than is typical for the work environment you hope to join and if you follow up after the interview.

For up to a year after you graduate, you can also use StandOut, an interactive online video-based tool to practice interviewing.

Unsure how to negotiate your salary? Check out these salary negotiation resources:

LinkedIn and Networking

A key element to any job search is connecting and growing your network. Here is information on how to reach out to other alumni and professional organizations on LinkedIn and improve your networking skills.