Employer Relations

Recruit and build your brand at Oregon State

Energetic, motivated and innovative. Forward thinking, highly trained and high work ethic.  These qualities represent feedback we’ve received directly from employers, just like you, who continually return to hire more Beavers because of their previous success at OSU.  We understand that our students are your future employees and leaders in your industry.  That is why our goal is to train them for lifelong career development, not just their degrees.  We appreciate your willingness to invest in our students and their future.

Why Hire OSU Students?

A Sustainable Investment

Perhaps one of the most notable qualities of our students is their awareness of the need for a more environmentally sensitive, socially equitable, and economically stable culture.  This awareness not only positively impacts our campus, but as Oregon’s largest public research university, our students are forming our future in Oregon and beyond with their sustainability practices.  In fact, OSU ranks fourth among universities nationwide for using renewable energy and first in the Pac-12 Conference.  So what does this mean for you, the employer?  This means that OSU students engage their communities with actions that make a difference.  You can feel confident that when hiring an OSU student or alumni sustainability will be at the forefront of their mind – which means you as the employer will also be helping to create a sustainable future for your company.

Diverse Population

Oregon State welcomes a diverse student body of 31,000 students from across Oregon, all 50 states and more than 100 countries.  Our students will enhance your workplace by adding diversity from a wide range of backgrounds.  Our high achieving students are also seeking out a diverse population of employers and industries.  We look forward to connecting you with our students whether that’s through meeting with one of our 300+ student organizations on campus, or getting involved with our campus events such as speed mock interviews.  We are here to help you access one of the largest and most diverse pools of professional talent.


What are your organizations needs?  General exposure on campus, involvement in events, finding a diverse population of students, help filling time-sensitive job openings?  Whatever your specific needs are we are here to help.  Our goal is to work with you to implement customized recruiting strategies specific to your organization.  Whether that’s through our quarterly career fairs, Handshake (our free online career management system), our Sponsorship program, or engaging students with outreach programs on campus we are here to help facilitate that connection. 

Again, you’ve come to the right place and we’re happy you’re here.  We look forward to working together to create a successful partnership.  We value our relationship with you and appreciate your interest in our incredible students.

Hello Employers,

I am looking forward to building a relationship that lasts between Oregon State University and your company. As you endeavor to fill positions with quality talent and increase visibility around campus for your organization we want to be your first stop for questions, concerns, or to be a sounding board for advertising and connection opportunities. One of my favorite aspects of this position is facilitating events and opportunities for employers and students to network and connect. I love hearing success stories from students returning to our office, or hearing from a representative that has hired a great student or alumni. Seeing the fruit of those interactions and hearing of a successful hire or a great contact made makes it all worth the effort and is a great reminder of what the Career Development Center is striving for. I am committed to the success of our students in pursuing the opportunities you have to offer and if there is any way I can make that easier for you, please do let me know.

Rachel Finch
Director - External Relations
Oregon State University | The Career Development Center