The next time you want to register for an event, look for a job or internship, or connect with an employer, you'll be doing it on Handshake (formerly Beaver Careers).

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Here's what you need to know: Handshake is a modern, mobile-first platform that is networked with hundreds of schools and thousands of employers across the country, so by transitioning to this platform, you're getting access to more (and better) opportunities than ever before, in a way that is more streamlined and much easier to use. Win-win.

Sounds good. What's next?

1. Complete your Handshake profile.

2. Explore the system. More events, jobs, internships, and employers are being added every day. 

3. Check out the following topics for more information!

Getting Started:

  • Students login here with your ONID username and password.
  • Alumni request access here. Thank you for your patience as alumni verification may take up to two weeks. 

Apply for Jobs and Internships: 

As soon as you've filled out your profile the system will begin recommending jobs and opportunities based on your preferences and experience. The more you companies and jobs you favorite the more customized your results will be.

Select the opportunity you'd like to apply to, click apply, select from your pre-uploaded documents or load new ones on the spot. Need someone to review your materials before you apply? Be sure to visit us in the Career Development Center Monday through Friday 9am-4pm and we will help you out. 

Don't meet all employer preferences for a job? Apply anyway! Handshake strives to provide all opportunities to all students by requiring recruiters to do all the screening. 

Research Employers for a Career Fair: 

Interested in finding out who is on campus this year? Search in events or fairs and select employers. You can also find a full list of events and employers attending without logging in here


Thank you for your continued investment in our students. We are excited to announce that as of May 2017 we have joined Handshake, a new platform to help you connect with and recruit Oregon State students with functionality to post to multiple schools across the nation.

We look forward to working with you in this new system. 

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Getting Started:

New to Oregon State, Handshake, or recruiting in general? These are a few articles that may help you out, with a full website of information here.



Please contact the Career Development Center if you have any questions about Handshake.

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I was just getting used to Beaver Careers. 

Sorry, fam. Beaver Careers will always hold a special place in our hearts, but it's gone for good. Handshake is both replacing and upgrading everything that Beaver Careers did; you'll go to Handshake to make an appointment, register for events, and search for jobs and internships, just like on Beaver Careers, but Handshake also provides excellent resources, allows you to apply for jobs and internships within the system, recommends personalized opportunities based on your preferences (like Netflix!), and it's designed for mobile. We just couldn't pass on the chance to provide this awesome tool to Oregon State students.

What about Beaver JobNet?

Yo, Beaver JobNet is dead, and has been for awhile. 

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